Survey of Reading Habits


The Survey of Reading Habits 2012, undertaken by SustMediaDotCom, is now fully complete and we are currently in the process of analysing the data and preparing outputs. I should like to extend a big round of thanks to all those who generously gave of their time to contribute and look forward to sharing results and findings. To be sent a copy of the outputs on release, please submit your request here: 

Thanks & Regards,

Jim McClelland


3 Responses to Survey of Reading Habits

  1. Michelle says:

    Jim – when I clicked to take part in the survey, I just got a message saying thanks for taking part!

    • SustMeme says:

      Hi Michelle, thanks for note. The only explanation I can offer is that maybe you have participated already (as we have been promoting variously over last few weeks) – in which case, double thanks! I believe the programme does throws up the ‘Thanks for taking part’ message if the same ID returns to the Survey, I suppose to stop inadvertent repeats. If not, then we are a bit stumped and can only suggest a retry, ideally from a different computer device..
      Apologies for any inconvenience – greatly appreciate your taking the time to look at it.
      Rgds, Jim

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