‘CSR Cities’

‘CSR Cities’ World Ranking Play-offs

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Where are the global hotspots for CSR activity on Twitter?

Which world Cities are engaged and communicating the most?

Who would come top in a ranking of ‘CSR Cities’?

Well, let’s find out… Here’s how the SustMeme game of ‘CSR Cities’ works:

• Take 5 world Cities;

• Allocate each a CSR #hashtag on Twitter;

• Monitor + record usage for 1 calendar month;

• Rank individual users in each location on a dedicated City Board updated daily; and

• Rank the 5 Cities against each other on the Master Board;

• At month end, discover + announce winner of ‘CSR Cities’!

Cities being considered for play-off competition include:

London Madrid New York  San Francisco Toronto

Buenos Aires  Copenhagen Melbourne Mumbai Santiago Tokyo  

For Sponsorship packages, rates + data, please click here to download ‘CSR Cities’ PDF.

To get a feel for how the live SustMeme Leaderboard rankings look, complete with Sponsor branding, please see examples of the Top 500s.

Once you have read and reviewed the PDF, to discuss nominating a City and/or partnering with us on a Sponsorship package, please click here to get in contact.

Look forward to hearing from you. 


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